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The change of online ordering system and extension of the trial operation period

Agent Peach


FooDashからのお知らせ Notification from FooDash



Thank you so much for using FooDash's service daily. We're very honored to be able to say that we had been given various valuable feedbacks from customers who utilize our service in diverse situation, and partner restaurants since we started our trial operation on June 15th.


In order to improve our service based on some of the great feedbacks that we had received, we have decided to change the current online ordering system to another system during August.


Therefore, we'd like to announce you about the items below;




♦︎For proceeding system migration and confirmation of applicability, we're extending the trial operation period which was originally scheduled until July 31st.

♦︎We will notify about the full-scale start newly, upon completion of the system transfer and application.

♦︎Despite these changes mentioned above, delivery/ takeout ordering can be done through the restaurant page of this website ( or phone call 050-5536-5949.


Thank you so much for your understanding in advance.

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