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We are switching to our new online ordering system from September 1st

Agent Peach


Notification from FooDash


Dear customers, thank you very for utilizing FooDash's service daily.


We would like to notify that, from September 1st in 2023, the new online ordering system will be applied.


The current online ordering system will be available until August 31st.


The new online ordering system can be accessed from the restaurant page of this website, SNS as well as through QR code above.


Along with switching to the new system, please kindly note that we will continue servicing as a trial operation.



If you happen to have questions when ordering online, please do not refrain from contacting us through +81 50-5536-5949, or order directly on the phone (*5% surcharge will be applied to each product in case of ordering by a phonecall).


Thank you in advance for your understanding and continued support by using FooDash's service.

【FooDashデリバリーサービス 営業時間 11:00〜19:30(水曜定休)】


FooDash delivery service operation time 11:00〜19:30 (Closed on Wednesdays)

*Take-out service is available according to the individual business hours of each restaurant.

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